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Available to download for free from iTunes and Google Play the Value Cab App allows users to book a taxi with just a few simple taps on the screen. The App not only makes the initial booking easier but it also allows customers to track and trace the booking’s progress and the cab’s arrival time.

Customers can select their pickup and destination by either typing in the address or postcode and previous addresses will also be saved making future bookings to regular locations even quicker and more straightforward. The built-in tracking feature provides updates as to the taxi’s status, i.e. whether it has been booked, dispatched or on its way, in addition to its progress to pick-up and an estimated time of arrival.

In order to utilize the app all users must register after the initial download to create a profile. A simple and quick process, all is needed is to enter your Name, Phone number, Email address and to create a password. Once your profile is created you are then able to make cash & credit card bookings.

Customers can select their pickup and destination by:

  • Their GPS location
  • Postcode
  • A list of recent addresses
  • A list of recent addresses are saved for speed / ease of use for the User
Real time updates of your booking including:
  • Job Status (Booked, Taxi on Way)
  • The Taxi’s current location
  • An estimated time of arrival

To register your credit card simply tap ‘Credit Card’ on the main menu. Your card details are saved securely and the fare on the drivers meter will be debited from your card at the end of the journey.